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Boost® MAX by ZTE
This smartphone gives you maximum screen size for a superior experience. The Boost MAX boasts a 5.7-inch HD IPS Display with Corning® Gorilla® Glass, Dolby Digital® Plus sound, 4G LTE and Android™ 4.1. Take your mobile phone experience to the MAX.
Promotional pricing available only for select phones directly from Limited time only, while supplies last. Android™ is a trademark of Google, Inc.
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5 / 5
Max phablet value, respectable performance
December 16, 2014
From: Texas, USA
How long on your plan?Under 6 months
Primary Phone Use:Mostly Web & Data
The rear camera takes good pictures and has decent features. Some have given it a negative review, but if you turn up the exposure by 1 or 2 and keep it in the normal mode, that should take care of any issues. The front camera is adequate unless you're a hard-core professional selfie photographer.
The display is quite good, despite what you might hear about the pixel density and resolution. It will hold its own against any, with vivid and accurate colors, and I haven't noticed any pixelation. It's great for viewing photos and videos on the large screen.
The processor and RAM are good enough, but this is not a Note 4. Some apps take probably take 2-3 seconds longer to load, and if you're looking to play games with high-end graphics, what are you doing here in the first place? For average use including the majority of games, the Max does just fine. I have no complaints about its functioning.
For those who say this phone is too big, I suggest you look elsewhere. There are so many options on the market, and you know what you're getting in advance, so why gripe about this aspect? Personally, it fits in the front pocket of all of my pants, including jeans. I don't wear skinny jeans but not they're not baggy either, and the phone doesn't show out of any pockets. I love the size; most people should be able to get used to it, and I feel that once you go big, you don't go back.
There are 3 issues that came up with my Max, all of which have fairly easy solutions. You may or may not have any of these pop up. First, some of the pictures taken by the stock camera show up in the Gallery as all black. It would happen about half the time. However, I installed the Open Camera app from the Play Store, and this issue hasn't happened at all when using this app instead of the stock camera. Second, as some have mentioned, it does have fairly limited storage space. So I rooted my Max with Kingo Root (simple PC download and simple step by step process) and then installed App Master which allowed me to remove some bloatware and move nearly everything to the internal 4 GB SD card. You can also install "GL to SD" or a number of other similar apps to move everything from the internal SD card to up to a 64 GB external micro SD card that you can insert into the phone. The third issue I had was the system clock started losing 1-2 minutes per hour, which happened whether I selected automatic time or not. I installed ClockSync which automatically corrects time error on rooted phones as often as every 30 seconds. This only takes up about 2% of the battery.
For the vast majority of people, you won't regret getting this phone. It's been great all around for me.
size, display, camera, value
storage space
vYes, I recommend this product.
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5 / 5
Great Phone
December 11, 2014
From: West Palm Beach, FL
How long on your plan?1-2 years
Primary Phone Use:Mostly Web & Data
I have had this phone since it first came out. (10 months) I absolutely LOVE it, and I have not had any of the problems that everyone on here is complaining about. I would suggest that if you're having slow speed issues, then you may have a ton of junk on your phone that's causing it to be sluggish. Just like a computer, tablet, you have to run some sort of program to clean unnecessary junk for it to continue to operate at optimal performance. Visit the Google Play store for an app.
plays videos like a champ, awesome screen clarity, takes great pictures, great sound quality
none that i can think of
vYes, I recommend this product.
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5 / 5
Boostmax Rules
December 7, 2014
From: kansas city mo.
How long on your plan?Under 6 months
Primary Phone Use:Mostly Web & Data
The phone works great, the 5.7inch screen is a must for a cell phone extroidnair no problems frezzin up love it price was great droped my carrier and signed on with boost saved a 100$ discount on the ZTE max
vYes, I recommend this product.
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1 / 5
very limited
December 4, 2014
From: Fresno CA
How long on your plan?2-3 years
Primary Phone Use:Mostly Web & Data
Phone has OK screen but the 1.5 gig memory is terrible as if you can only have a very limlimited number if programs. Processer is so weak it can't run the Android 4.4. I fell that I wasted my money by buying this phone.
none it is just worthless
everything boost needs to be more worried about th
vYes, I recommend this product.
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