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Apple® iPhone® 5s
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Apple® iPhone® 5s FAQs & Guides
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Does iPhone 5s work on the Sprint 4G LTE network?
Yes, iPhone 5s works on both the Nationwide Sprint 3G Network and the growing Sprint 4G LTE Network (available in over 150 markets and counting).
Will iPhone 5s on Boost Mobile support simultaneous voice and data?
Yes. iPhone allows this over Wi-Fi.
Does iPhone 5s on Boost Mobile work overseas?
iPhone 5s on Boost Mobile does not work on other carriers/networks overseas. It works on Sprint's Nationwide Network.
Does iPhone 5s come with a UICC Card (also referred to as SIM Card)?
Yes. Every iPhone 5s sold by Boost Mobile comes with a UICC Card that must be inserted into the device. You will be asked to enter the phone's serial number and ICC ID during the first few steps of the online activation process. Use the UICC ID you find on the phone and the packaging.
For more information on the UICC Card, please see our FAQs.
What does the UICC or SIM card do?
A UICC card (sometimes also referred to as a SIM card) is the physical smart card that allows the phone to access the LTE network. For Boost Mobile phones, that is its sole purpose - to connect the phone to the Sprint 4G LTE network. It does not store contact information, or music, or downloads. It doesn't store personal data of any kind. Important information like that is stored on the phone itself in the phone's internal memory or on iCloud if you choose that option with Apple. And your phone won't work without the UICC card.
What if I remove or lose my UICC Card?
Please do not remove the pre-inserted UICC card from the phone! If you do, the phone will not work. If you accidentally lose the UICC card, you will have to call us to ask for a replacement because it's hard to find a retailer that will carry the exact one needed for your iPhone 5s. Also, you should know that your phone won't work until we can get the UICC card to you. Our best advice is, once you put it in the phone; leave it in the phone so it can do its job!
If you lose your card, call Boost Mobile Customer Service at 1-866-402-7366 to order a new UICC card.
For more information on the UICC Card, please see our FAQs.
Is a Mobile Hotspot available for iPhone 5s with Boost Mobile?
No. There is not an option to turn your phone into a Mobile Hotspot at this time.
Is AppleCare+ available for iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s with Boost Mobile and how do I enroll?
Yes, AppleCare+ is available for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c with Boost Mobile. For the details on AppleCare+, please check out To enroll in AppleCare+, after you activate your iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c with Boost Mobile, please call Boost Mobile Customer Service at 1-866-402-7366.
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